Meditation has so many proven health benefits, that’s why yogis usually give this piece of advice: Relax and take a deep breath. Watch as tension melts from your muscles and as all your worries vanish. It is such statements that makes us know its importance.

1. Meditation Can Increase Fertility

University of Australia carried out a study that proved that women are in a better position to get pregnant during the periods when they are more relaxed than when stressed. A study carried out at the Trakya University in Turkey found that stress reduces motility and sperm count, suggesting that relaxation also boosts male fertility.

2. Meditation Can Relieve Irritable Bowel Syndrome

A study was carried out where patients suffering from the irritable bowel syndrome started to practice a relaxation twice a day. During this time, their symptoms of constipation, bloating and diarrhea improved significantly. Researchers at State University in New York therefore recommends it as an effective treatment.

3. Meditation Can Lower Blood Pressure

A study done at the Harvard Medical School revealed that meditation works in the same way as the blood pressure lowering medication by enabling the body to be less responsive to the stress hormones thus lowering blood pressure. According to one British medical journal report, patients trained to relax had their blood pressure significantly lowered.

4. Meditation Can Boost Immunity

Relaxation seems to boost immunity in patients recovering from cancer. According to a study done at Ohio State University, progressive and regular muscular relaxation lowered the occurrence rate of breast cancer.

In another study at the Ohio State, one month of relaxation exercises leads to increased natural killer cells in those who are elderly, which makes them highly resistant to tumors and viruses.

5. Meditation Can Improve Sleep

Many people today struggle with falling asleep. The lack of sleep is usually due to too much stress in our lives. Mindfulness meditation is one of the techniques that induce the relaxation response which can help ease various stress-related ailments, including high blood pressure, pain and depression. Triggering the relaxation response through it will greatly improve our sleep.


The above mentioned are just but some of the proven health benefits of meditation. So the next time you think of releasing tension from your body and letting your mind to completely switch off, it is important that you bear in mind all the good things that it does to your body.

Remember these benefits increase with regular practice. Therefore the more you practice meditation, the greater your chances of remaining free of high blood pressure, irritable bowel syndrome and have a strong immunity with increased fertility.

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