Dry dates

Dry dates are one of the best home remedies for many different diseases. They are one of the most nutritious fruits which you can consume both in fresh or dry form.

They can boost your energy levels and they will take care of your cardiovascular health. You can consume them to enhance your beauty. If you have dry hair and skin and you want to keep your health in check, then start using dry dates as soon as possible.

Dried dates are dates without the moisture. In the Indian households, they are used in religious purposes during festivals. They are rich in Vitamin C and calcium

Health benefits of dry dates

1. Nourishes hair roots and scalp: When you suffer from excessive hair fall, then you can use dry dates as your home remedy. They can provide nourishment to your hair roots as well as scalp and they can make your hair stronger. Also it can help you to have shiny and silky hair.

2. Maintains hair health: Dry dates have Vitamin B5 which can help to maintain the health of hair. You should include them in your daily diet because it can prevent many hair problems, like split ends, brittle hair, etc.

3. Fights aging and promote skin youthfulness: Dry dates have antioxidant properties. They are beneficial for our skin. When the skin rids of free radicals, then it becomes toned and firm. You can use them to fight against aging and to make you youthful.

They are rich in vital nutrients which mean they can nourish the skin and improve its texture. When you consume them on regular basis, then you will have smoother and fairer skin.

4. Maintains healthy skin: Dry dates have Vitamin A which can help to maintain the health of the skin. Also it can help to eliminate dry and dead skin cells and it can regenerate fresh and new skin cells. You will have healthy, bright and glowing skin.

5. Packed with calories: You should eat dry dates if you have over – slimming problems. They are rich in calories so you can consume adequate amounts of it without gaining weight.

6. Great energy booster: Dry dates are rich in natural sugars, like fructose and glucose, which are making them one of the best energy boosters. This nourishing fruit will enhance your physical stamina to a great extent.

7. Improves muscle strength: Dry dates can increase the muscle strength. They can have positive effects on the heart muscles and also they can make our heart stronger. Pregnant women can consume them on regular basis because they can strengthen the uterus and this will make the childbirth easier.

8. Excellent anti – oxidant: There are many studies in which are shown that dry dates have excellent anti – oxidant properties and this can make our digestion smoother and keep the stomach healthy.

They are rich in amino acids as well as soluble and insoluble fibers so they can increase the secretion of digestive juices and they will enhance the absorption of foodstuffs. Also they are very beneficial for curing disorders like colitis, heartburn, stomach ulcers and acidity.

9. Benefits cardiovascular system: Dry dates are low in fat and they have no cholesterol. They control the levels of LDL or bad cholesterol in the bloodstream. They have high potassium content and low sodium content which are very beneficial for keeping the blood pressure under control.

10. Heals bowel illnesses: Dry dates have dietary fiber which can help to heal the constipation effectively. This will keep your colon clear by increasing the amount of fecal matter. They also act as laxatives and they facilitate the movements of bowel within our body.

11. Rich calcium content: Dry dates are rich in calcium. Calcium is very important element for the skeletal system and it can keep our teeth and bones safe and strong. You should include them in your daily diet so you will stay away from bone and dental problems.

12. Rich iron source: They are rich in iron which is a major component in the red blood corpuscles or hemoglobin and it is playing an important role in the maintenance of the oxygen flow in the body. Those people who suffer from anemia can get benefits from the consumption of dry dates.

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